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Exxon mobil will not pay tax until 2021/22 The company paid just 10 per cent tax last year on $16bn of profits of $25.4bn (£15.5bn), according to the UK Treasury. Its chairman Rex Tillerson has previously stated the company will not pay tax until it completes a review of its tax affairs, following an ethics investigation, which it announced at the start of the week. On Monday, he warned the review of "all of our business, our business in countries that are not our business", is not "anything new" and could take years to complete. Mr Tillerson, who will present Exxon's proposed tax return to the senate as soon as possible this week, has been given until 17 December to make the payment. 온라인카지노 더킹카지노 Police clash with striking spaniards and migrants near El Alto 15 people were wounded Police arrested 18 migrant workers from Morocco Injured are being taken to a hospital This is the fourth night in a row Spain has seen its main trade unions suspended over police violence against working class voters. The National Confederation of Labour, which represents workers at the national government, said hundreds had been injured since early last week. Police fired teargas and baton charges to try to disperse the marchers during a mass rally demanding government action over migrant poverty. Spain's main labour federation said the numbers of people injured included 25 people who were taken to hospital. Police said the group had "armed themselves" in a violent way on the outskirts of the resort city El Alto, where the ruling conservative Popular party is headquartered. Protesters were also attacked with batons and teargas on several other occasions, some of them involving small rocks, during the protests. Some 20 migrants, both men and women, have died in a police attack and hundreds more are still in hospital. In another incident the police fired rubber bullets and teargas after a group of about 40 people smashed a shop window with a metal bar on Monday. A Spanish court earlier this week ordered the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to suspend the ruling conservative Popular party over violence during the demonstrations. This followed last month's government-imposed economic and pension freeze, which the PP said was illegal.

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