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Airline body says governments should pay for all costs for the replacement. But the Transport for London, which runs the network, has been forced to cancel seven flights because of delays. Image copyright Air France Image caption Many passengers have found the airport frustrating Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Airport staff say the arrival of the replacement will "only make airport journeys that much faster" The problem arose on a busy day, at 08:30 BST, with around 4,000 passengers arriving after their flights had finished at the airport. And it was not just the airport that had to cope with cancellations, though it did receive numerous reports of travellers getting delayed. Many airlines have already told customers that they were seeing increases in the number of delayed flights, including Air France. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The airport has faced criticism for its size Air France says it had a further 1,000 cancellations over the weekend as a result of the replacement. A spokeswoman for the airline said: "With today's cancellation of 7 flights in the evening from Gatwick, the airline will be adding 7 more flights on the morning of Monday 13 November." A spokesman for Virgin's parent company in the UK said some cancellations had been "substantiated by passengers" and added: "Virgin will work with British Airways and the Transport for London (TfL) to ensure the full amount of the costs are reimbursed and to ensure that every customer who has signed up for the Virgin Atlantic One or Virgin Atlantic Connect service receives this information." The TfL confirmed a number of delays, saying: "This is a very complex situation for customers, and TfL works closely with the airline to help them deal with the disruption." A spokesman for the National Rail Federation, which represents the railways, said: "We can confirm that a number of customers had been unable to board a scheduled service on Friday afternoon following cancellations by both Southern and Air France Airlines. "We're now working to connect customers who lost service with those who will be able to travel on Sunday morning." 카지노 우리카지노 Inspector farewells force after 25 years, announces death of three-star marine Nelson, who died at age 81 on May 13, has been hailed as a legendary and influential officer in the maritime world for leading the USS Franklin to victory in the Battle of Midway in the Pacific in 1945, earning the naval Medal of Honor and becoming the first woman to earn a Navy commission. He was one of 10 officers who made the Medal of Honor. "This is a day for families who know his sacrifice and his spirit. I hope that we can get the spirit of Nelson back into the military," said President Obama, thanking the Nelson family for giving him the call to succeed Nelson as commander in chief. Nelson died June 25 at his home in Elwood, the home he had shared with his second wife, Virginia, his two sons, Leonard and James. "It's hard to think about Nelson today as having done anything other than serve his country — but that's what he did." Obama said in a statement. "In the last 25 years, Captain Nelson has served America with distinction. He fought for the freedom of more than 200 nations. He served his country to the very end, and his sacrifice will always be with us." After joining the service, Nelson served as an officer under both Republican and Democratic presidents, the president of the United States and three heads of state. His retirement came just days before Obama formally leaves the White House as Commander-in-Chief, on Aug. 2. In a statement about his retirement, Obama said: "I have admired Nelson's service and dedication to our military since I came to public life. I thank him for his service and will miss him terribly." Nelson was born May 14, 1935, in a Detroit suburb to a father named Frank Nelson Sr. and a mother named Susan. His family moved often to join other Detroit families in the 1940s and 1950s. He joined a company of four brothers, a brother-in-law, Frank and John Nelson, to help with their business in the mid-1960s. Nelson worked long shifts as a machinist as they made planes, and he started making planes in a nearby factory. In 1965, Nelson joined the Army Air Corps, flying C-121s with the 62nd Fighter Group in West Germany. There, Nelson learned the basics of what was then called flight training and became a good fighter pilot, earning the "Gold Badge" in 1968. He graduated from the United States Air Force Academy, where he joined the 82nd Fighter Wing at Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii. After graduating, he went to Germany as a crew member in the 52nd Fighter Squadron, flying Lockheed F-104 Skyhawk

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